Dear Students,
At the Graduate School of Business, we both advance knowledge and create new knowledge for our students. We prepare them for business professions by using new ways to inquire, through research, scholarship, and intellectual activities. We prepare them for the international arena but within an Asian context in particular. We do so through international collaborations, which we use to bridge gaps in the network of business schools, and which we actively intensify. The Graduate School of Business at Assumption University deems it necessary to work together with our partners for the global expansion of business firms.

We strengthen preparation for MA and PhD programs by integrating perspectives across disciplines, and by supporting research, scholarship, technology, and practical applications.

In working for our business goals, we also hope to improve the well-being of socially and economically disadvantaged people. We use a proactive approach to achieve a more just, equal, healthy, and productive society. To that end, we continually work to enhance the University’s reputation as a national and international leader in the development of business societies to change the world.

I look forward to welcoming you to the University and to achieving our goals together.

Kitti Photikitti, Ph.D.

Dean, Graduate School of Business

Assumption University of Thailand

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