The University’s curriculum is patterned after the American semester credit hour system. Most textbooks are similar to those used in international universities. Students graduate with an education that is both marketable globally and flexible. An ABAC degree leads to highly productive careers in any part of society from which a student came and to which a student hopes to go. 

  • Exchange students studying for one semester will enjoy the cultural diversity environment.

  • The AU Study Abroad Program offers the opportunity to earn a degree with partner universities in the US, Europe, Australia, or Asia.

  • Double degree students can earn two degrees from AU and a partner school in a shorter time and with a reasonable cost.

  • Enrich your experience as an overseas student 

  • Broaden your education

  • Develop a wide network of colleagues and friends

  • Appreciate diverse cultures

  • Study a language accepted internationally in business and culture


Assumption University developed exchange programs in cooperation with established and prestigious universities in Austria, France, Germany, Poland, Netherlands, and the USA


  • Standard tuition and registration fees of Assumption University

  • Travel expenses while overseas Housing while overseas

  • Medical insurance and travel insurance

  • Expenses for overseas school activities



Maximum 4 subjects (12 credits) are allowed to study at the partner university



As for joint programs, students may study foundation courses leading to the Master’ degree offered by the partner universities for 1-2 semesters at AU and then study full-time for another 1-2 semesters at overseas partner universities. The students will be awarded the degree by the partner universities after satisfactory completion of the course requirements.



  • Doing a Joint Program will save time and costs for students.

  • Doing a Joint Program students will experience a new culture, meet new challenges and develop global mindset.

  • Doing a Joint Program will give students the opportunity to live and study in the World’s most exciting cosmopolitan cities, such as London, Sidney and Chicago


Assumption University is recognized for its academic excellence in countries such as the US, UK, Australia, France, Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, China, South Korea, Japan.


Assumption University graduates have been admitted to top universities across the globe, on either a full-time study basic or as visiting exchange scholars. Many students upon graduation have been placed in highly reputed multinational and global businesses, in addition to serving on national and international trade advisories.



  • A double degree enables students to study TWO degree one after another within 5 or 6 semesters.

  • Students will graduate with different master degrees: an MBA or MS from AU, plus one degree from an overseas partner university.

  • Doing a double degree can offer students more career flexibility and opportunities.

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