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The admission qualifications for the applicants to enter the program are as follows:
1. Master’s Degree with a thesis in Organization Development, Business Administration, Management or any related fields from the institution accredited by the Ministry of Education Thailand.
2. GPA of at least 3.50 on a scale of 4.00 or equivalent.
3. TOEFL score of at least 620 PBT or 213 CBT or an IELTS (Academic) overall band of at least 6.5. The certificate of TOEFEL score must be within 2 years valid for the prospective applicants of non-English native speaking countries.
4. In case of unavailability of TOEFL score, prospective applicants of non-native English speaking countries are required to take the English Proficiency Test with Graduate School of English, Assumption University.
5. Minimum five years of work experience in their own fields of specialization or industry.
6. Three acceptable letters of recommendation from former instructors and current employers or supervisors. The letters must be sealed and signed by the recommenders.
7. A complete document that articulates statement of purpose which are reasons for attending the doctoral program,

An draft proposal of no more than 3,000 words that outlines a potential research in the field of Organization Development and Change, consisting of what is to be researched; why it is to be researched; who is to be researched; and what potential contributions are for the organization and society.


List of required documents that you need to submit together with application form can be found as below:
- Official transcript of master's and bachelor degree in English (2 copies)
- Master and Bachelor degree certificates in English (2 copies)
- Certified Notarial Translation of Master and Bachelor Certificates if originals are in another Language.
- Statement of purpose
- CV or resume (2 copies)
- Citizen Id card (Thai Nationality) or Passport (Non-Thai Nationality) (2 copies)
- Criminal Clearance Record from Chinese Government (For Chinese Students only)
- 6 photos (1" size)
- Recommendation letters from 2 persons
- TOEFL or IELTS (6.5)
Note: For Chinese applicant, all certificates and transcripts must be translated into English and certified with the seal by Ministry of Education, China.


- Hua Mak Campus, Ramkhamhaeng 24 Rd.
- Two Weekends
      • Friday (18:30 – 21:30 p.m)
      • Saturday and Sunday (09:00 a.m to 16:00 p.m)


The total number of credits of the program is 54 credits.

Foundation Course: Non-Credits
Action Learning Workshops and Project Engagement Non-Credits
Required Course 3 Credits
Elective Course 15 Credits
Dissertation 36 Credits
Total 54 Credits

Year I - First Semester

Foundation Course Non-Credits
OD 5900 Research Design and Methodology 3 Credits
Two Core Courses 6 Credits

Year I - Second Semester

Three Core Courses 9 Credits
Qualifying Examination

Year II - Third Semester

Action Learning Workshop Non-Credits
OD 9100 Doctoral Dissertation I 9 Credits

Year II - Fourth Semester

Action Learning Workshop Non-Credits
OD 9101 Doctoral Dissertation II 9 Credits

Year III - Fifth Semester

Action Learning Workshop Non-Credits
OD 9102 Doctoral Dissertation III 9 Credits

Year III - Sixth Semester

Action Learning Workshop Non-Credits
OD 9103 Doctoral Dissertation IV 9 Credits


Letter grades are used to show the academic standing of all students with the following meanings and values.

A Excellent 4.00
A- Almost Excellent 3.75
B+ Very Good 3.25
B Good 3.00
B- Fairly Good 2.75
C+ Fair 2.25
C Satisfactory 2.00
C- Minimum Satisfactory 1.75
D Poor 1.00
F Failure -
R Course Repeated Later -
S Satisfactory -
U Unsatisfactory -
W Withdrawal with Permission -
WF Withdrawal with F 0.00
Withdrawal from Course after Time Limit
AUD Audit and Non-Credit 0.00
I Incomplete, used in case a student fails to complete his/her assignment within the time limit or is absent from the examination with approval from the University due to exceptional reasons
WP / IP Work in Progress
NR No Report
TR Transferred Credits


Scheduling is divided into five phases---1) coursework, action learning project engagement, international conferences and professional development programs offered by established institutions, 2) qualifying examination, 3) dissertation proposal, 4) actual action research conduct of organization development intervention, dissertation final defense and organization development integration and 5) publication.

Phase I: Coursework, Action Learning Project Engagement, International Conferences and Professional Development Programs Offered by Established Institutions

Students are required to successfully complete foundation course, required course, elective courses, action learning project engagement, international conferences and professional development programs offered by established institutions. Toward the end of this phase or after the announcement of a pass grade of all courses, Doctoral students submit their application for qualifying examination to the Program Director for consideration.

Phase II: Qualifying Examination

Doctoral students will be evaluated for their knowledge and understanding related to theories, concepts, key assumption and applications of organization development, change and transformation. Additionally, Doctoral students are required to complete a written examination and then an oral examination on a face-to-face basis with panel committee members en banc to assess the levels of organization development knowledge, research methodology and utilizing the submitted concept papers.

Phase III: Dissertation Proposal

Each doctoral student will be assigned to work with an advisor or supervisor to start the dissertation proposal after succeeding in the qualifying examination. Doctoral students are required to complete three chapters prior to the actual proposal defense day. Upon successful proposal defense, students start implementing organization development interventions with the organization of choice.

Phase IV: Actual Action Research Conduct of Organization Development Intervention, Dissertation Final Defense and Organization Development Integration

Doctoral students complete chapters 1-5 and submit into TURNITIN system to check the originality prior to the final defense. Final defense committee members are both internal and external of five members. After doctoral students have successfully passed the final defense, they will be required to participate in the organization development integration workshop as the closing organization development seminar for doctoral candidates.

Phase V: Doctoral’s Publication

Doctoral students are required to submit their article/journal to the accepted international journals immediately after succeeding in the final defense. The credential source of publication will be determined by Graduate School of Business of Assumption University. The completeness of this phase is when doctoral students officially receive a letter of acceptance from the publication. The publication must only be an international publication whereby English is the medium of communication.

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